Studio Mainardi is an agency specialized in commercial architecture, that is to say in the creation and in the implementation of retail boutiques. We work particularly in the field of luxury fashion, but also in all the other sectors of the selective distribution. Since its creation in 2006, the agency has created more than a hundred boutiques and showrooms, on surfaces ranging from 50 to more than 5,000 m2, all created in respect of the concept of each brand. The ability to manage complex projects within strict deadlines makes our agency the preferred partner for our clients.



The structure, directed by Agostino Mainardi, brings together a dozen of men and women, all with diplomas in architecture and specialized in the field of retail. On each new project, a specific team is chosen according to their own skills and experience. This dedicated structure is not only a guarantee of efficiency, but is also the guarantee of a very great reactivity for our clients.



Within a retail design project, our services range from creation to monitoring of the implementation, including technical development and any necessary consultations. We intervene, either as overall project manager (creation and management of works), or only as execution project manager when the brand has an in-house design studio or works with a reference architect.

  • 1. Analysis:
    • Project planning
    • Feasibility report
    • Analysis of brand identity
    • Market operation study


  • 2. Creation :
    • Sketch and concept research
    • Preliminary draft (APS)
    • Final draft (APD)
    • Description of the work (CCTP)
  • 3. Consultation :
    • Administrative Procedure (ABF, town hall, etc.)
    • Technical consultations (BET, climatisation, …)
    • Administrative Authorization File (DAA)
    • Businesses Consultation File (DCE)


  • 4. Execution :
    • Construction planning
    • Coordination between businesses (OPC)
    • Monitoring and intervention of construction (DET)
    • Assistance in completion (ARO)


Studio Mainardi now supports more than thirty major brands in their commercial development, which is undoubtedly a great testament to the quality and rigor of our services